Department Students may use the library of the Department of Financial Sciences which is housed at Navarinou 13A St., 2nd Floor.

Contact Phone No: 210-3688023-25, 210-3688086

E-mail: oikonepist[at]lib.uoa[dot]gr.

The Library is open: Monday – Thursday  09:00 unitl 19:30,  Friday  09:00 until 16:00

The Library that has a size of 800 sq. m. is compiled by 2 reading rooms, a computer room, a loaning department and processing material department. It houses at about 22.000 books which were published at the beggining of the 20th century up to today and are divided between the old collection and the new collection. It contains 170 hardcopy magazine titles of financial content which as 17 titles are still available in hardcopy, while the rest are provided digitally. To be more specific, The National Kapodestrian University of Athens provides through HEAL-Link access to over 9000 titles of magazines with a wide subject coverage.