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Chairman's Greetings

Welcome to the website of the Department of Business Administration (DBA) at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In the ever changing, dynamic environment of the 21st century, the DBA aspires to walk on the edge of innovation having strong foundations in general education and integrated, all-around knowledge. Following through on the pair of innovation and general education, the latter being necessary for those seeking the arts of management and leadership as Aristotle says in Nicomachean Ethics, we created and a novel academic program, coupled with many other educational activities, that offers our students a way of thinking and acting so that they can build their own future. Focused on academic integrity, respecting academic quality, envisioning academic excellence, connected with the productive economy, we move ahead as a closely-knitted team for achieving our common goals. No one is left behind because we support every dream that can be made into reality.


Dimitris Thomakos

Head of DBA