The Curriculum is designed to be completed within four years (eight (8) semesters). In the first two years students only attend compulsory courses. At the end of the 2nd year, students choose one of three specializations to follow. In the 3rd year students take courses in the specialization as well as the remaining compulsory courses. In Year 4, students attend the remaining specialization and other compulsory courses while choosing elective courses from a relevant course list.

The Curriculum is comprised of 27 compulsory core courses in finance, quantitative, accounting, information technology, law and a strong base of management courses. The program leads to three specializations with 8 courses each. Finally, students are given the opportunity to choose 5 elective courses. The total number of courses required to obtain the degree is 40 courses.

Courses in Economics


Business economics


Financial management

Quantitative courses

Mathematics for business I

Mathematics for business II

Applied econometrics and quantitative

Statistics for business



Επιχειρησιακή έρευνα


Διοίκηση και οργάνωση παραγωγής

Accounting courses

Financial accounting

Advanced financial accounting

Computer courses

Introduction to computers and informatics

Management information systems (MIS)



Management courses

General management principles

Human resources management

Organizational behavior and leadership

Management of public organizations

Management and business organization

Marketing management

International business

Business strategy and decision making

Law courses

Civil law

Commercial law

Other courses


Business ethics and social responsibility





Specialization 1: FINANCE (8 compulsory courses)

Financial analysis

Derivatives markets

Management and Cost accounting

Banking and capital markets law

Financial models


International finance

Informational systems in financial management



Specialization 2: MARKETING AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION (8 compulsory courses)

Strategic marketing

Marketing research

Consumer behavior

Brand management

Sales management

Advertising and communication

Digital marketing

Marketing intelligence and analytics



Specialization 3: BUSINESS INFORMATICS (8 compulsory courses)

Software development

Linear mathematics

Analysis and information system design

Business intelligence and analytics

Internet programming

Supply chain management

Artificial intelligence and management

Informational systems in financial management




In addition to the compulsory courses in each specialization, the student will be able to choose five (5) courses either from the courses of the other two specializations that he/she has not chosen, or from specific courses in the list below, some of which are offered in other Departments of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Indicative elective courses

Labor relations

Crisis managements

Start-up creation

Innovation management

Intellectual property management

Financing start-up business

Bank management

Money and banking

Corporate governance

Structure and problems of the Greek economy

Value investing

Principles of insurance

Research methods

European law

International marketing

Services marketing

Introduction to computer networks

History of business

Marketing in media

Media organization and policy

Artificial intelligence

Management of educational units

Economics and health management

Sport management

Internet psychology

Project management




Students will have the opportunity to undertake a thesis. The diploma thesis will have the prerequisite to attend the course "Research Methods" and will count for two elective courses. A prerequisite for the preparation of a thesis is the acceptance of a professor to supervise it.